Mini docu - Sander's Dreams - Melodies from the heart

Door: mfthvideo

Gepubliceerd: 6 juni 2012
Duur: 5:07

"This is a mini documentary about Sander who, at the age of 6 dies of cancer. Shortly before his death he had a very realistic dream about Heaven and told his mother, Mieke, all about it. Mieke now tells their story in this clip. Mieke wrote a poem about this experience and this poem was put to music by the Stichting Melodies from the heart. The song, Dromen (Dreams) has been recorded and released, with vocal performances by Elly Zuiderveld and Elise Mannah and produced by Tom Pearce. The song is available for download at :- An English version of the song will be released shortly. To support Mieke, the non-profit organisation Melodies from the heart and everyone else who finds themselves in a similar position, please go to :- and help us to help them."

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